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Woodwarm Fireview 5kW slender multifuel stove installed in disused Victorian fireplace near Huntingdon

Woodwarm Fireview 5kW multifuel stove near Huntingdon

The fireplace in this Victorian property near Huntingdon had been closed off to stop all the heat from the room going up the chimney. When it was opened again an old chimney liner was sitting on the hearth so there must have been a woodburner here before. Unfortunately we won't be able to re-use the liner and why is it sitting on the hearth?

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Fireplace altered and new Charnwood stove and flue liner fitted near Uppingham, oh and bees in the chimney

4kW Charnwood Country 4 multifuel stove near Uppingham

This fireplace near Uppingham had an open gas fire fitted and had been closed off for some time because of bees coming into the room. The chimney was lined and so it was assumed the bees were just coming down the lining. Investigation was required before fitting the new efficient multifuel stove.

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Old open fire in Peterborough replaced with contemporary Woodwarm Pheonix Firebright inset stove and bespoke stone fireplace

5kW Woodwarm Pheonix Firebright inset multifuel stove in Peterborough

This open fire and surround is looking dated. Our client in Peterborough decided to replace it with a new efficient Woodwarm multifuel inset stove and have a bespoke stone fireplace designed and installed by our recommended stonemason.

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Old tiled victorian style fireplace with marble surround near Kimbolton altered to install efficient Woodwarm multifuel stove

5kW Woodwarm Fireview 5kW multifuel stove near Kimbolton

This 1980's coach house conversion in Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire had a marble surround with an old Victorian cast iron open fireplace. The surround was removed and altered and the aperture opened out before a new efficient Woodwarm Fireview 5kW multifuel stove was fitted.

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Open gas fire in modern Oundle house replaced with efficient Charnwood multifuel stove

4kW Charnwood Country 4 multifuel stove in Oundle

The open gas fire with its painted wooden surround and stone insets in this modern property in Oundle, Northamptonshire is looking dated now. The fireplace will be removed and a new aperture created with a Charnwood multifuel stove and flexible stainless steel chimney liner installed.

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