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Old tiled victorian style fireplace with marble surround near Kimbolton altered to install efficient Woodwarm multifuel stove

Marble surround and Victorian open fireplace to be removed and fireplace altered

This 1980's coach house conversion had a marble surround with an old Victorian cast iron open fireplace. We installed a Woodwarm Fireview stove in the client's previous home and they were looking for the same appliance to be installed here.

Marble fire surround removed and taken to be altered by Fotheringhay Woodburners' recommended stonemason

The marble surround has been removed by our recommended stonemason and will be altered at his workshop. It will be re-fitted with a bespoke granite hearth and slips which will be measured after the fireplace aperture has been altered by our recommended builder.

Inverted clay chimney liners need relining during installation of multifuel stove

The clay chimney liners here are extremely dirty but more importantly are inverted. It's surprising how many clay chimney liner systems have been built with the liners upside down. They're also too large for the new Woodwarm Fireview stove. Best get on with the alterations.

Fireplace altered and marble surround re-fitted during Woodwarm stove installation

The aperture alterations have now been completed and Gary the stonemason has re-installed the marble fire surround with new bespoke granite hearth and slips. The decorating is finished too and the new carpet laid.

Inverted chimney liners to be relined during Woodwarm multifuel stove installation

The inverted clay chimney liners were re-supported during the fireplace alterations as the supporting masonry was removed. Everything is now ready for us to fit the new flue liner and multifuel stove.

Chimney accessed using cherry picker and old unsuitable chimney cowl removed

The cherry picker has arrived with Richard the qualified operator and is set up so that we can access the top of the chimney. We'll soon be able to see what condition the flaunching is in and whether the pot is secure. On with the safety harness and off we go.

Chimney lined with flexible stainless steel liner during installation of Woodwarm stove

Everything is in excellent condition at the top of the chimney and we have removed the old unsuitable cowl before relining with a flexible stainless steel chimney liner. The pot hanger is on and insulation has been fitted around the top section of the liner inside the chimney pot with a separate stainless steel birdguard cowl on top.

Efficient Woodwarm Fireview 5kW multifuel stove installed by HETAS engineer

The new Woodwarm Fireview 5kW multifuel stove is now fitted and has been lit as part of the Fotheringhay Woodburners commissioning and testing process. The operation and ongoing maintenance requirements have been explained to our client and the stove has been handed over.