for wood and multifuel stove installation, servicing and repair


What a multifuel stove or woodburner service entails

Wondering what is involved in a service on a stove? The whole appliance gets taken apart, cleaned and put back together again with new seals and parts as needed and grease on anything that moves or unscrews.

If you service your stove every year we can monitor the wear of the internal parts as well as seals and manage them so that hopefully you won't need to replace lots of worn out parts at the same time. If you're wondering what parts you may need it's usually firebricks, grate, baffle, door ropes and glass seals.

Town and Country Fires Whisperdale multifuel stove before servicing by Fotheringhay Woodburners

The stove before we start, this model is a Town & Country Fires Whisperdale.