for wood and multifuel stove installation, servicing and repair


Fotheringhay Woodburners standard service schedule

This is our standard service and is designed so that your stove is ready whenever you want it. Our schedule is as recommended by stove manufacturers plus a degree of additional preventative maintenance which is often overlooked. A pictorial example of a full service can be seen here.

  • Remove stove door(s)
  • Refurbish stove doors to include remove, clean and re-fit/replace the glass clamps/frames and air control components, replace glass and door seals (as necessary) and lubricate all screws and fixings
  • Remove all internal parts from the stove including but not limited to baffle, log guard, ashpan, grate, bricks/burnplates, tertiary air deflectors/mechanism and check for wear, clean with a wire brush or soft brush as applicable and advise where replacement parts are required
  • Clean the internal surfaces of the appliance using a wire brush and scraper as required
  • Remove, clean and refit flue blanking discs including new seals (where applicable)
  • Remove, clean and refit top of stove including new seals (where applicable)
  • On cast iron stoves check the integrity of the case joints
  • Remove rear/underneath heatshieds/deflectors/case covers (where fitted) and remove dust and debris before refitting and lubricating fixings as necessary
  • Check and adjust any external air controls and thermostats as necessary
  • Re-assemble the stove lubricating any fixings as necessary
  • Re-fit stove door(s) lubricating hinge pins and check that all seals are working effectively
  • Check that the air brick (where installed) is free from obstructions including removing the covers and checking internally
  • Check the operation of carbon monoxide alarm and recommend installation of alarm if none fitted
  • Advise on other safety issues as necessary