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Woodwarm Fireview 5kW slender multifuel stove installed in disused Victorian fireplace near Huntingdon

Rebuilt Victorian brick chimney stack will be accessed using a cherry picker

The chimney stack has been rebuilt recently and is in perfect condition ready for us to start work straight away. There are old uninsulated electricity cables supplying the property fixed to this gable end wall and so we'll need to contact the electricity company to put on protective shielding.

Victorian chimney to be lined by Fotheringhay Woodburners using cherry picker

The electricity company have been in to insulate the cables supplying the house to protect us when we're working near them with the cherry picker. It looks like they've replaced the old cables with insulated ones whilst they were up there. Now we're ready to get to work.

Fireplace opened up to prepare for installation of a new multifuel stove and liner

This old Victorian fireplace had been closed off to stop all the heat from going up the chimney and it has a stainless steel flexible liner in so that's all good. Or is it? There must have been a woodburner here before but I wonder why the liner is sitting on the hearth.

Old flexible stainless steel chimney liner in Victorian brick chimney can't be re-used

The old flexible stainless steel liner can be seen to go several metres into the chimney but our clients have had the tops of the chimneys rebuilt and there wasn't any lining at the top.

Corroded old flexible stainless steel chimney liner cannot be re-used in installation

The old flexible stainless steel chimney liner has now been removed and is rather shorter than expected at only three and a half metres. The chimney was only partly lined which could have allowed soot and debris to build up.

Chimney cleaned and nest removed by Fotheringhay Woodburners registered sweep

The chimney can now be swept by our registered chimney sweep and just above where the old chimney liner stopped were the remains of a birds nest. No-one was at home and it was removed along with some concrete and debris from the chimney rebuilding.

Chimney pots secure and flaunching in good condition before flexible liner installation

The cherry picker has arrived on site and we're in the air. We use a local hire company who offer equipment hire and also supply an experienced IPAF qualified operator who will be with us for the day. The machine arrives on time and is set up immediately ready to get us to the top of the chimney.

Chimney cleaned by Fotheringhay Woodburners registered sweep before liner fitted

The chimney inside is structurally in good repair and looking down you can see how clean it is after our registered chimney sweep has cleaned throughout it's length. You can see a couple of bends in the flue and straight down to the hearth. Ready for the liner then!

New flexible stainless steel liner fitted during stove installation

The new stainless steel chimney lining has now been fitted with a stainless steel pot hanger and separate birdguard cowl. The top section of the lining through the chimney pot has been insulated to keep it as warm as possible minimising the risk of condensates building up here.

Efficient Woodwarm Fireview multifuel stove installed by Fotheringhay Woodburners.

The new efficient Woodwarm Fireview 5kW slender flat top stove has now been installed and after the Fotheringhay Woodburners commissioning process has taken place will be handed over to our clients.