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What a door refurbishment entails for your wood or multifuel stove

Wondering what is involved in a door refurbishment on a stove? The whole door gets taken apart, cleaned and put back together again with new seals and parts as needed and grease on anything that moves or unscrews.

If you service your doors every year it will ensure that they always seal effectively and the knobs and air sliders operate easily. It will also ensure that the risk of the glass breaking is reduced as the glass seals are replaced and that if there is an accidental breakage when you're using the stove that the glass can be easily replaced.

Outside of Yeoman stove doors before stripping down for refurbishment by  Fotheringhay Woodburners

These Yeoman stove doors are in need of refurbishment, they're rusty and need repainting on the outside and the glasses are broken.