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Reclaimed brick fireplace built and new multifuel stove installed by Fotheringhay Woodburners

This modern brick house with concrete chimnney liner system was ready for a new efficient multifuel stove. Our client removed the old fireplace even before we arrived on our first site visit but the fireplace aperture needed opening out with new supports for the liner system and a new brick fireplace with wooden mantle beam was to be installed. An external soot access door was fitted before a Franco-Belge Belfort multifuel stove was put in.

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Build new fireplace and replace old stove with a new efficient woodburner and new chimney liner

Another old stove that is in need of replacement! This one sits in front of a Victorian fireplace opening and is connected to an original unlined chimney. Time for us to remove the old stove and hearth, open up the fireplace, build a new surround, carry out repairs to the external chimney stack and install a new efficient multifuel stove with stainless steel chimney lining.

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Replace old stove with a new efficient woodburner and new liner in a thatched house

In this project we replaced a somewhat suspect looking old stove and flue pipe in a mid terraced thatched cottage near Oundle. The perils of old installations come to light once again as we progress through the project but all is well in the end with the new insulated chimney liner and stove.

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Old fireplace replaced and new efficient Charnwood Country 4 multifuel stove installed by Fotheringhay Woodburners

This project was our second for this client in a village near Thrapston and was to remove the existing fireplace surround and create a new aperture and fit a new hearth before installing a new Charnwood Country 4 stove. It involved us and our builder.

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Existing woodburning stove refurbished and reinstalled with new liner in a thatched house

The existing stove in this property near Stamford was installed with a stainless steel chimney liner which was at the end its life and the installation needed updating to meet current safety standards and Building Regulation requirements. This meant removing the old chimney liner which had not been insulated, raising the height of the chimney, relining the chimney with insulation around the liner, refurbishing the stove then refitting and testing. The project involved us, the scaffolding firm, our builder and the Local Authority Building Control Officer and was co-ordinated by us including obtaining both Listed Building and Planning Consents.

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