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Old gas fire replaced with efficient new multifuel stove.

Old gas fire has been removed

The old gas fire has been removed from this traditional style fireplace and it is now ready for Fotheringhay Woodburners to install the new Woodwarm multifuel stove.

Chimney liners are correctly installed

The chimney liners are correctly installed and are of a suitable size. Fotheringhay Woodburners engineers will carry out a pressure smoke test to establish whether the chimney is gas tight and therefore won't leak dangerous fumes into the building. Once this is done we know that the chimney is safe to use and the stove can be fitted.

Tall chimney will need scaffolding to access

As you can see the chimney is very tall and we won't be able to use a ladder as it might push the chimney over and so scaffolding will be needed. The access is not very easy either as the next door garage is right up against the boundary.

Chimney flaunching weathered and not in very good condition

That's better! Now we can see that the flaunching which sheds the rain is badly weathered. It doesn't last forever but is always something you would think to look at as part of your household maintenance. This will need to be repaired whilst the scaffolding is up.

External wall where the new soot door will be

It won't be possible to clean the chimney through the stove on this installation and so a soot door will be cut through the outside wall of the house. We have measured out where it will go and are ready to start cutting it in.

New soot door hole now cut through

The masonry has now been cut away by a Fotheringhay Woodburners engineer ready to install the new soot door. Fireproof insulation has been inserted in the cavity and the next step will be the fitting of the cavity sleeve and the cast iron soot door frame.

New soot door frame fitted by Fotheringhay Woodburners

The new soot door frame is now screwed in and all of the voids inside have been filled so its time to put the door on.

New soot door installed by Fotheringhay Woodburners

There we are, all finished out here until we come to sweep the chimney next year.

New efficient woodburner installed by Fotheringhay Woodburners

The new efficient Woodwarm multifuel stove has now been installed and is being tested prior to handing over to our client.