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Existing old gas fire will be replaced with new efficient Franco-Belge Belfort multifuel stove

Old gas fire removed before installation of new efficient multifuel stove by Fotheringhay Woodburners

The old gas fire that was in this fireplace has been removed by a Gas Safe engineer and the connection isolated outside the property. Our builder can now safely remove the old gas pipe and some masonry from the back of the fireplace to give enough depth to install the new Franco-Belge multifuel stove.

Fireplace alterations completed and new render finish has been applied by Fotheringhay Woodburners recommended builder.

The cut stone fireplace is in good condition and properly installed so the fireplace alterations were straightforward for a change. The old gas pipe has been removed along with some of the masonry and a new render has been applied to give a clean smooth surface to the inside of the aperture.

Chimney masonry in good condition no repairs needed by Fotheringhay Woodburners engineers

The chimney masonry looks to be in good condition from the ground and so a simple gable end scaffold will be erected for safe chimney access as it will not be necessary to work all around the chimney stack. The birdguard fitted here will prevent large birds getting into the chimney but will not stop smaller birds or minimise rain ingress and so it will be replaced when we fit the new stainless steel chimney lining.

Chimney flaunching needing repair but chimney pot is sound and will support the new chimney

Apart from one or two joints in the engineering bricks and the flaunching to the top of the chimney stack, the chimney masonry is sound. The chimney pot is also sound and correctly supported so will be left in situ. The chimney has clay liners which are not well jointed and are too large for the Franco-Belge Belfort multifuel stove being installed. A new correctly sized stainless steel chimney liner will be installed using a stainless steel chimney pot hanger and birdguard cowl.

New chimney lining installed and chimney repairs completed by Fotheringhay Woodburners engineers

The new lining is now installed with the stainless steel chimney pot hanger and new birdguard cowl. The liner passes through the chimney pot and is insulated here as this is the coldest part of the chimney system. This helps to minimize the risk of soot and tar deposits building up here and restricting or even blocking the flue liner. The flaunching has been cut back around the edges, cleaned down and re-covered to give a good smooth weather resistant surface.

New efficient Franco-Belge Belfort stove fitted with new chimney liner by Fotheringhay Woodburners HETAS engineer

With the new Franco-Belge Belfort multifuel stove now installed in the stone fireplace the appliance is being test fired and commissioned by the Fotheringhay Woodburners HETAS installer before running through how it works with our clients and advising on ongoing maintenance. The dog has taken up his new position too!